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Welcome to TFC Studio Tours, Kapamilya!

TFC Studio Tours aims to provide TFC subscribers with a one-of-a-kind experience to watch ABS-CBN programs and visit the studios where these programs are shot.

Before you begin, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures.  ABS-CBN Global reserves the right to refuse entry to those who will violate the TFC Studio Tours policies and to require anyone displaying untoward behavior to immediately leave ABS-CBN premises.

+ Current Availability

Reservations are exclusively done online. The online booking system opens every first working day of the month at 12:01am Manila time for next month's slots. Demand far exceeds supply so you may notice that slots run out quickly. First come, first served. You cannot place reservations earlier because live show schedules are not available until a month before.

+ Arrival Times

You are expected to arrive at 8:00am for the tour and not later than 9:00am to watch the show. No-show at 9:01am means forfeiture of reservation. If you arrive after the cut-off time, we may be able to reschedule you depending on availability of slots. If you fail to show up on your reserved date, you can only book one year after (e.g. if you booked on January 2012, you can only book again starting January 2013).

+ Personal Identification

You need to provide complete information in the reservation form. Incomplete forms will not be processed. If your reservation has been approved, bring your confirmation letter and one valid ID on the day of the tour. No confirmation letter, no entry.

+ Maximum Headcount and Show per Group

We allow a maximum of 4 persons per group to watch one show only per year. This is due to limited studio capacity and in order to accommodate as many customers as possible.

+ Safety and Security

Pregnant women and children six (6) years old and below are strictly not allowed. Children aged seven (7) to nine (9) should bring their passport or birth certificate and must each be accompanied by an adult (1 child:1 adult). Everyone entering the ABS-CBN premises will have to go through a security check.

+ Changes in Schedules

Reservations are not guaranteed because shows can cancel or change any time. If your show should cancel or change its schedule, we will exhaust all means to duly inform you. We can arrange a studio tour on the same day or reschedule you depending on your departure date and the availability of slots.

+ Seating Arrangement and Choice of Contestants

Production decisions such as schedule of taping and airing, seating arrangement, choice of contestants, picture-taking or appearance of talented individuals are made by the producers of the live show and not by TFC Studio Tours

+ No Food, Drinks and Video Cameras

For proprietary reasons, food, drinks and video cameras are prohibited inside the studios. Baggage check-in facility is not available.

+ Walk-in Policy

We discourage walk-ins because of the inconvenience it can cause you. If you still opt to walk-in, you need to line up for unused slots of no-show customers. Be ready to show a valid ID and your latest TFC billing statement. If your name does not appear in our database or if you do not have any proof of subscription, you will be advised to book online.

+ Sending Representatives

If you cannot come but wish to send your representatives instead, you must issue an authorization letter and provide a copy of your valid ID to your representatives.

When finished, enter the site by clicking the button that corresponds to your region.