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Common Questions

+ What is TFC Studio Tours?

  • TFC Studio Tours is a free service exclusive to active TFC subscribers in the United States, Canada, Middle East, Europe, Australia, Japan and Asia Pacific.
  • A privilege wherein subscribers get to tour the ABS-CBN studios in Manila and watch a live show
  • It is ABS-CBN’s way of bringing the stars closer to you, our customers.
  • It is also an opportunity to be part of the ABS-CBN heritage and truly be a Kapamilya.

+ Who can avail of TFC Studio Tours?

  • If you are an active TFC subscriber from the United States, Canada, Middle East, Europe, Australia, Japan or Asia Pacific
  • If you have been granted one successful booking, you can only book again in the following year from the date of your last visit.

+ What are my chances of being booked?

  • Only twenty (20) Showtime slots from Mon-Sat and forty (40) ASAP slots every Sunday are alloted to TFC Studio Tours. 
  • TFC Studio Tours cannot offer other shows because of their erratic taping schedules. 
  • Due to limited slots and in order to accommodate as many customers as possible, TFC Studio Tours can only book 4 persons per group and only one show per customer per year.

+ How can I book?

+ How will I know if my reservation has been processed/approved/disapproved?

  • Check your email for messages coming from [email protected].  We assume that you’re using your own email address. If you’re using another person's email address, you assure us that you have sought permission from the owner. If you’re booking on behalf of a customer, you assure us that you have been authorized to access the customer’s information.
  • You will receive a reply via email whether your booking request has been approved, disapproved or is still being processed. 
  • You may also check the status of your request by logging on to
  • With the TFC Studio Tours Online Booking System, TFC subscribers can book for a studio tour and check the status of their reservation.

+ How will I know my booking schedule?

  • If your request has been approved, you will be required to click on the link to print the confirmation letter. If you do not click on the link two (2) weeks before the reserved date, then it is assumed that you have cancelled or are giving up your slots.  These slots will be automatically opened up for other customers. 
  • The confirmation letter contains your booking schedule, other reservation details and all the policies that you agreed to as a reminder.
  • You are required to read, print and bring the letter on the day of the tour together with one valid ID and other documents as indicated in the letter.

+ What time must I arrive?

  • You are expected to arrive at 8:00am for the tour and not later than 9:00am to watch the show. No-show at 9:01am means forfeiture of reservation. 
  • If you arrive after the cut-off time, we may be able to reschedule you depending on availability of slots.  If you fail to show up on your reserved date, you can only book one year after (e.g. if you booked on December 1, 2008, you can only book again starting December 1, 2009).

+ What happens if my name is not in the list of booked customers?

  • The list of booked customers contains names of those who are confirmed and have downloaded their confirmation letters.  No confirmation letter, no entry.
  • The confirmation letter must be presented with a valid ID on the day of the tour and name on confirmation letter must be the same name in the list of booked customers, otherwise, you cannot be accommodated. 
  • If you have a confirmation letter but it was sent/given to you by someone other than [email protected], advise if anyone booked on your behalf and provide the name and email address that were used to book.
  • If you are representing a customer, an authorization letter and a valid ID of the customer are required.
  • If you submitted a booking request but were disapproved, your name will not appear in the list. You cannot use your booking request as a studio pass.

+ What happens if I walk in without a booking?

  • We discourage walk-ins because of the inconvenience it can cause you. If you still opt to walk-in, you need to line up for unused slots of no-show customers.  Be ready to show a valid ID and your latest TFC billing statement.  If your name does not appear in our database or if you do not have any proof of subscription, you will be advised to book online. 
  • Validated walk-in customers who arrive before 10:00am cut-off time may be given available slots forfeited by late or no-show customers.  Maximum of four (4) persons per group only.
  • If you’re a BigAtin member, you still need to follow the walk-in policy.  You cannot be assured of seats unless you booked online and brought your confirmation letter.  Your BigAtin card will only be used for identification. 
  • ABS-CBN Global reserves the right to refuse entry to those who cannot present a valid confirmation letter and those who will violate the TFC Studio Tour policies and procedures.  Anyone displaying untoward behavior will be required to immediately leave ABS-CBN premises.

+ I have a relative in the Philippines, can he/she book on my behalf?

  • There are some pertinent account information that we require the TFC subscriber to provide in order for us to process his/her booking request.
  • TFC subscribers are advised to keep his/her TFC account details confidential to prevent misuse by others.

+ My travel itinerary has changed, can someone else take the TFC Studio Tour on my behalf?

  • Your representative has to present your authorization letter and valid ID. 
  • Your representative will also be required to present his/her valid ID.

+ Can I cancel my reservation?

  • Cancellations may be done by emailing [email protected] not later than two (2) weeks before the scheduled date of the tour. 
  • If your request has been approved, but you failed to click on the link to print the confirmation letter two (2) weeks before the reserved date, then it is assumed that you have cancelled or are giving up your slots.  These slots will be automatically opened up for other customers.

+ I want to watch other shows aside from Showtime and ASAP Rocks, what should I do?

  • We cannot offer programs other than It's Showtime and ASAP because of their irregular taping schedules. We do understand however that our customers have varied preferences. On a case-to-case basis, we may be able to accommodate your special request to watch another show. Email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to arrange it for you, subject to the approval of the program producers. We will inform you via email if your request can be accommodated or not.

+ I want to be a contestant, what must I do to be chosen?

  • Production decisions such as choice of contestants are made by the producers and/or host/s of the live show and not by TFC Studio Tours.
  • The audience will be briefed before the show on what they must do to increase their chances of being chosen as contestants.

+ May I take pictures with the stars and get their autographs?

  • Before the tour, your tour guide will brief you regarding this. Picture-taking or autograph-signing opportunities vary from day to day. Your favorite Kapamilya stars' call times in ABS-CBN may or may not coincide with the tour.
  • During the show, the program's audience coordinator will inform you if it is possible to take pictures with the hosts to ensure that it is done in an orderly manner. Studio policies are strictly enforced for your own safety.

+ I don't only want to watch but I also want to perform or appear in the show, who do I coordinate with?

  • Production decisions such as line-up of guests and special appearances are made by the producers and/or host/s of the live show and not by TFC Studio Tours.
  • If you would like to get in touch with ABS-CBN Talent Development and Management Center, you may email [email protected]

+ What are the TFC Studio Tour policies that I need to know?